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In particular, what does "sustainability" look like to you? You can help guide our group's activities by sending a photo of an existing sustainable activity. This might already be in Medicine Hat, and need some promotion, or it might be a good idea from somewhere else.

You can also comment directly on both the group's activities and the larger events across the country. Access the Discussion Forum by CLICKING HERE.

The Log In process is easy, but requires a user name and password. This will help us follow up on your comments if you register with your name. We will insist on positive comments; many other sites can be found to place gripes and complaints.

You can add photos by dragging the file to the box you type the message in. The file name will appear below the box, listed as an attachment.

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If you have trouble accessing this site, please feel free to sent your ideas and experiences to the editor, who can include them manually.

Last modified August 20, 2020