Promoting sustainable living in southeastern Alberta

Our Mission

Transition Medicine Hat promotes sustainable living in southeastern Alberta through community, information exchange and instruction.

What is sustainability?

We believe that living lightly on our landscape will be rewarding and enjoyable. To gain these benefits, we look for products and services that are produced as locally as is practical, that use renewable raw materials, and are created by locally-owned companies.

Other communities have found that experiences, not things, provide the most satisfying benefits. Consider the enjoyment gained from music and the arts, socializing with others, and relaxing in natural areas.

Transition Medicine Hat draws together a growing group of residents who make conscious efforts to reduce their ecological footprint. Many take pride in the new skills they have learned. We are enjoying new friends, experiencing new foods and stretching our minds with new ideas.

We want you to join the transition to a more fulfilling community.

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Education Resources

Be sure to check the Resources part of our website. We will profile groups and companies that are adding to the sustainability of southeastern Alberta. If we have missed a green service, please send us a note.

We hope you will join in the fun!


Last modified October 23, 2023